Itzy Ritzy Ritzy Sitzy Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover C. Grey Chevron

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Itzy Ritzy Ritzy Sitzy Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover 

This cover from Itzy Ritzy is a clean design, easy to clean and durable. 100% cotton cover is reversible with the same pattern on both sides. Works great for going out to dinner for the high chair or shopping with the shopping cart. This chair cover comes with 2 pockets to store items/snacks and 2 toy loops. Easy stretch design to fit over any cart or chair you use and machine washable.  

  • Stylish cover for high chair and shopping carts (double and single) to protect children from germs
  • Padded for comfort and includes two toy loops, pockets, and safety belts
  • 100-percent cotton cover
  • Comes with a warranty against any manufacturing defects at the time of purchase
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